Simple, Spontaneous and Distinctively Dirty Truth or Dare Questions.

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Dirty Game Makes Spin The Bottle Look Like a Nun’s Tea Party !

Dirty Game, with its thousands dirty truth or dare questions, is the most alluring, raunchy and seriously saucy app on the App Store !


  • The Ultimate Truth or Dares Collection.

    Thousands of dirty truth or dare questions for maximum results and fun !

  • Five Amazing Categories to Spice your Game.

    5 Hand-Picked Categories that provides hours of Erotic entertainment.

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    Breath taking Hot Interface. Incredibly Easy to Use !

  • Choose “Group” or “Couple” Mode.

    Play with group of friends or with your crush/date.

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Dirty Game App Offers unique dirty truth or dare questions filled with creative ideas and are hand-picked to maximise fun with friends or couples.

Five Amazing Dirty Truth or Dares Categories

Choose your Truth or Dares questions from 5 Mind Blowing Categories





Icebreaker Truth or Dare

Remove awkwardness with socially acceptable physical activity. Call out sexual tendencies among friends for fun parties.


Flirt Truth or Dares

Get hot with light kissing and bare body exposure truth or dares. Take the flirty fun to the next level.


Foreplay Truth or Dares

Introduce more spice with rubbing, kissing and undressing. Make sure the party really gets started.


Romantic Truth and Dare

For couples or more loved-up groups, intimacy, candles and massage. Explore physicality in a non-sexual way and build better bonds.


Sex Truth and Dare

Full on sexual truths and dares. Introduce sexual organs, extreme actions and even penetration to your games.



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